Importance Of Listening In Teaching English

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ABSTRACT With the increasing significance and the global requirement of English language, attempts are being made to elevate the quality of teaching English with the postulate that teaching English aids the acquirement of English language. The purpose of this article is to understand the English teaching approach adopted by Pakistani teachers at secondary level, and to discover whether their teaching methods facilitate in language acquisition. In order to find out, a remote district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province Pakistan, Chitral was selected. Randomly selected secondary schools were visited by the researcher and English teachers were consulted and interviewed in order to note the teaching and the learning processes. It was discovered that…show more content…
Listening is a very basic skill and acts as a foundation for other language skills. Listening exercises must be carefully constructed and a step by step procedure should be adopted (Brown and Yule, 1999). After listening, speaking is the next skill for language acquisition. The main purpose of learning speaking is to communicate and establish social relationships. Students should be encouraged to speak in English regardless of the mistakes they make as Baker and Westrup (2000) opine that students learn when they make mistakes and correct each other’s mistakes (pg. 80). The next skill is reading. Its aim is to understand and absorb the writer’s purpose. Meaningful tasks should be set in order to give the students a need to read (Watkins, 2007). Then there is writing skill which means expressing thoughts in language. It is essential for a teacher to understand the different stages that a student passes through in their writing (Wyse & Jones,…show more content…
Quantitative approach was used to determine the teaching practices using classroom observation checklist whereas the qualitative approach was used to discover the reasons behind the particular methodology through interviews. Twenty-five out of hundred schools in Chitral were randomly selected. During the selection, it was made sure that the data represented the whole population and all sectors. This was achieved by selecting the sample schools from all the sectors and tehsils of the district. The researcher had visited thirteen Public Schools, five Private and Community Based Schools and two Agha Khan Schools in the district. From each school, one secondary class and their English teachers were consulted to collect data. Data was gathered by personally visiting the schools, observing the teaching and learning procedure in the classrooms and questioning the English teachers at secondary

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