Music Analysis: Listening To Korean Music

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When it comes to music, I like to listen to R&B , rap, pop , West African songs and a little bit of Korean music. I like to listen to R&B because the songs make sense. The songs usually talk about a situation I can resonate with, whether it be relationships or life struggles. R&B songs are slow pace songs that you can listen to when you are relaxing. Whereas, rap songs are fast pace and the content discussed is about money , girls and drugs. I listen to West African songs because I am originally from West Africa. I like to listen to this type of music because it keeps me connected to personal background. In addition, it reminds me of my country of origin. Listening to Korean music helps me explore other people’s culture and how they express…show more content…
Music helps me relief stress, reduces loneliness, provides a personal meaning and helps regulate mood. Listening to music relieves my stress by letting me focus on something different. It helps me forget about the thing that was troubling me or causing me stress. The presence of music helps reduce loneliness by filling the silence in a giving setting. The times I listen to music is when I feel lonely especially on the bus or walking to class. The music brings me into a more favorable reality. In this reality, I am fearless and outgoing than my usually self. Similarly, I feel like music provides a personal meaning because the types of music I listen to coincide with my identity. Like I mention, I listen to West African music because of my origin. I listen to Korean music because I am interested in other cultures and how they portray their music. Whereas R&B and rap resonate with my African- American identity and pop music shows my fun side of music because of the lively soundtrack. As a result, my styles of music help regulate my mood because of the diversity. If I want to listen to a more serious content, I can listen to R&B and maybe rap. The other styles are more for elevating my mood because of the beats and soundtrack. I listen to music for different occasions like when I am sad, happy , lonely or when I am in crowd of people in an event. When I am sad, I listen…show more content…
For personal integrative, I think music helps with identity development. My preferences of music helps me to identify my attitude when it comes to my culture, ethnic , gender identity, regional and national issues. Similarly, for social integration, the preference of music helps identify which stage of development I am in. Since I am in my adulthood, I tend to listen to music that relaxes me or increase my confidences. In addition, my generation listens to a different variety of music than the previous generations did. My generation listens to explicit music that talk about sensitive topics that was not discussed in previous

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