Importance Of Literacy In Animal Farm

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Panuwat Baikeawon
2202235 Reading and Analysis for the Study of English Literature
Acharn Subenja Phaoluangthong
April 29, 2016
Final Paper Literacy as the empowerment of the pigs In ‘Animal Farm’ by George Orwell, literacy is one of the factors that empowers the pigs to become the leader group of the Animal Farm in terms of politics. The reason that only the pigs are the ruling class in the farm is significantly related to literacy. There are 3 different definitions of Literacy, according to
The quality or state of being literate, especially the ability to read and write.
Possession of education:
A person’s knowledge of a particular subject or field. First, they say that all animals are equal, but literacy is one of the factors that make them unequal. The pigs are the most intelligence animal in the farm and they realize the importance of literacy in order to create their power. As we can see that, after the rebellion, the pigs reveal that they learn how to read and to write from and old spelling book of the children of Mr. Jones and now the book has been thrown away. And then they claim the rights to form the law for the animals or as we know it as The Seven Commandments. This time Snowball read it aloud for the benefit of the others. This is the first time that the pigs use their literacy to distinguish themselves from the other animals that are all illiterate. Moreover, there is the scene that the pigs studied blacksmithing, carpentering
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