How To Write A Reflective Essay

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As long as I can remember literature and writing have always been so much more than a pass time for me. I learned to read early on and it became an escape from all the bad things that would creep into my personal life. As I got older my coursework in english class kept getting harder and harder, but this wasn’t a set back for me. The extra work I had to put in only excited me and made me push myself. I think my love for literature, good writing skills, and unwillingness to back down from a challenge are the reasons I should be in honors english 11. One of my favorite quotes is “I spent my life folded between the pages of books.” This quote speaks to me because it gives an image as to what reading a good book feels like in my mind. Sometimes when I get sucked into a piece of literature it’s as if the pages are holding me like vines wrapped around a tree. I love to learn new things and reading is such an amazing way to discover things and facts you’ve never even heard about. My…show more content…
I have broken down many times not thinking I was capable of writing about a certain topic or finishing a project on time; but I never give up. I think if I didn’t stress about my writing I couldn’t continue to grow. If I didn’t stress about my writing performance I wouldn’t want to learn as much as I do. I want to be the best writer I can be and I know honors english 11 will prove to be a very vital class for me. I know honors english 11 is going to be hard, but I’m certain I can do well in this class. I expect to learn on a college level in honors english 11 giving me a view as to what I’ll need to expect in the future. I hope that this class helps me open up more as a writer Honors english 11 will push me to strive to be a better student and more efficient. I know with my love of literature, my good writing skills, and how dedicated I am to learning I should be in honors english

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