Importance Of Literature In English Literature

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In Indian schools and universities, English literature has traditionally enjoyed an elevated status for many reasons. It is a popular choice when students choose honors courses in West Bengal also. Therefore, the teaching of English poetry at the secondary level should be done in a manner that prepares students for study of English literature at higher levels. Though the teaching and learning of English in West Bengal has evolved in recent years, its literature, particularly poetry, still remains a difficult subject. In schools affiliated to the ICSE Board, English is taught as a first language whereas in schools affiliated to WBBSE, English is taught usually as a second language. It must be pointed out however that English is also offered as a first language by WBBSE though very few schools offer it as a subject to its pupils for the Board examination. There are many English medium schools affiliated to the WBBSE which teach English using textbooks used by the ICSE board till Class VIII. This is to ensure that the standard of English taught is sufficiently high even when students opt for English as a second language at the Board examination. In schools affiliated to the ICSE board, Literature in English is offered as an elective subject at the higher secondary level, i.e., in Classes XI and XII.
There have been significant changes in the textbooks introduced by the WBBSE in the last one year. The Learning English series of textbooks have been replaced by the ‘Blossoms’

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