Importance Of Literature In Fahrenheit 451

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The most worrisome problem in Fahrenheit 451 is the paucity of literature and critical thinking. Without critical thinking and literature, people in the society cannot think for themselves, or find new points of view or ideas. In Fahrenheit 451 everyone conforms to one idea. Nobody thinks for themselves, especially critically, and no one has different points of view, due to not reading books. In Fahrenheit critical thinking and literature is so bad you are thrown in jail and considered an outsider for doing these things. These reasons show that the importance of literature and critical thinking is worth standing for and that we must strive to keep reading and thinking critically or become the dystopian world of Fahrenheit 451. Literature is important to find new points of view while critical thinking helps build your own view with the help of other views. When someone reads they get the point of view of an author on a certain topic. From this the reader can …show more content…

Although different points of view could lead to disrupt and conflict this conflict if verbally done would, in the end, help the community come up with a fusion of the ideas to better help the need. Conflict and debate are necessary to improve yourself and ideas. It is impossible for improvement without different ideas. Marcus Aurelius said,“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.” This is saying that opinions aren’t fact so they can be molded to be better. It’s like a beach ball. Someone’s idea is one stripe. The other ideas are all of the rest of the stripes together forming one big ball or idea. In this world, there are many ideas and every idea is not great, so we have connected and conflict to make an overall excepted idea for all that is going to be much better than a singular

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