Importance Of Literature In Life

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Prompt: Why is it important that literature reflects life? How can literature instruct us and benefit us in ways that real life experiences cannot? Italy, a country located on the peninsula south to the Alps, plays an important role throughout the history. In a different era of human history, different rival groups fought to get control of Italy because the country locates on a politically, economically and geographically important area. From the 1st century BC to 5th century BC, Italy was under the control of Rome. Actually, Italy comes from the name of a language Italic, which was used by the people, in the ancient Italy. “Around 700 BC, the majority of the tribes in Italy became rivals to get the land from the north.” (...) During WWI, Italy suffered from the casualties and economic downfall. “At the Paris Peace conference of 1919, Britain and France argued that Italy had won the war but lost the peace.” (...) As Italy had to pay reparation to other country, the country suffered from “economic downturn, political strife, and inflation”. The situation made every citizen’s life difficult; people were always suffering from poverty, hunger, and depression. (...)

To worsen these aforesaid situations, the working class that represented the majority of the population rebelled and led the industrial and agricultural strikes in 1881. In some parts of Italy, there were frequent armed confrontations between the peasants and the landlords. Mussolini took advantage of the
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