Importance Of Literature In South Africa

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In this chapter I will shortly describe the literature I will be using to inform my research problem. Kwesi Kwaa Prah, director at the centre for Advanced Studies of African Society in Cape Town, explains that culture encompasses everything that results in the fabrication of humans. This includes both the tangible objects that are the material products of humanity as well as the intangible creations of the human such as religion, language, regular usages and everyday practices. (Prah, 2007: 3) We often forget that South Africa is indeed an African country. At least three quarters of South Africa is made up of African language speaking people. Therefore how do we ensure that that the African character of South Africa is fully and democratically represented in our economy, cultures, politics and social life of the people? A thoughtful policy of African-centeredness is necessary. If South African’s are to make progress in social, economic, political and cultural development, we will need to actively practice these policies. (Prah, 2007: 34) Teaching and learning languages: A guide is a project funded by the Australian government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations. They explain that a language is not simply a body of knowledge to be learnt but rather a social practice in which to participate. Language is something that people use to express, create and interpret meanings. It is also a way to establish and maintain social and interpersonal relationships.

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