Importance Of Literature In Teaching

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English, being an international language, has a pivotal significance in disseminating knowledge skills and attitudes to both teachers and students at all levels. In Ethiopia, on top of being taught as a subject in its own right at all grade levels, English has been used as medium of instruction in secondary schools and higher education institutions. This makes English Language learning and teaching in the country needs a serious attention due to such reasons.

Of the inputs needed to teach and learn languages, including English, literature is one. Literature is a primary material of teaching a target language, providing authentic and real contexts of communicative situations. It also provides the pleasure of learning a new language with and through interesting stories. Students can extend their knowledge and experience of the world by interacting through literature. A language teacher could encourage students to make discourses in literature to extract their own meanings, bringing their experiences into play. Instead of being forced to perceive a text only the teacher’s way, students will explore it in light of their experiences..Literature also shows students new ways to view the world around them by constructing
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Many teachers consider the use of literature in language teaching as an interesting and worthy concern (Sage 1987). According to Collie and Slater (1990:3), there are four main reasons which charm a language teacher to use literature in the classroom: authenticity of material, cultural enrichment, language enrichment and personal involvement. In addition to these, universality, non-triviality, personal relevance, variety, interest, economy and suggestive power and ambiguity are some other factors which make literature a powerful resource in a language classroom

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