Daoist Wisdom For Teachers: A Diary Study

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Nurul Najaa Binti Abdul Halim and Nurulain Najwa binti Muhammad Hashim
Literacy and reading
Literacy is the competence of reading and writing knowledge in a specific area of subject interest or in other word is the ability to read and write (English Oxford Living Dictionaries, 2017). From historical perspective, the level of literacy increase day by day and risen drastically in the recent of centuries. Statistic showed only 12% of people in the world could read and write in 1820 but today only 17% of the world remain illiterate (Roser Max & Ortiz-Ospina Esteban, 2010). The increasing number of literate people shows that people become more knowledgeable compared to previous year. During 3500-3000 BCE, the
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