Importance Of Living In America

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The United States is unique in history it is the only country to ever to be founded not on nationality, religion or natural border; the United States was founded on the idea. This sacred idea defines american life no matter So when we think about living in america we mustn 't think of groups of people divided but out common goal purpose and goal. Living in america is so unique due to the freedoms, principles and determination of the american people; that are inseparable from the american people and way of life.

Freedom is something as Americans we often take for granted, we forget that it is across human history it is always a rare and fleeting gift that can and has been taken in an instant. So we must ask ourselves what is this most precious of gifts worth; how much blood are we willing to spill in the name of it, other generations that have preceded us have deemed it worth a very heavy price to guaranteeing those rights for not only us but for the world as a whole. People often try to divide americans on arbitrary
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In America we are not foreign to strife whether it be war 80 years ago in a far off place or riots at home today. But this horrible thread that connects us is also our strength, because by virtue of that we exist today we proved that we were determined to persevere. In the united states we over our 240 year history we have seen civil and world war, great periods of economic strife and the threat of nuclear extermination, yet we forge into the darkness of the unknown with gusto. We champion our ideas unfalteringly against all challengers whoever they are jihadi or fascist, and this perseverance in the face of adversity is what makes America deserving of the title of the greatest country on earth and Americans the greatest people on
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