Importance Of Living In Pompeii

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Sabrina Bailey
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T.A. Shawn Ragan
Food is important in everyday life; it is what fuels the body and mind. There are many different types of food based on where one is from; and this can be used as a learning mechanism. For example, depending on the location, the types of food available to be produced vary, and even culture. This is because of many reasons like weather, type of environment, and what can be grown. For example, I believe that there is a surplus of corn in Mexico which makes corn cheap to buy for the consumer. Therefore this is why there are so many corn dishes, like tamales, tacos, and elotes. For Asian countries, I believe it is the same idea why they eat so much rice. It is affordable and versatile.
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We can about the lifestyle, weather, and culture and so much more just by looking at dishes made for that specific country or state. So with that being said, what can food teach us about the citizens that used to live in Pompeii?
Pompeii was an ancient city in Italy that got wiped off the map when Mt. Vesuvius erupted on August 24-25 79AD. Pompeii was later discovered and because of how the eruption happened, a good amount of the city was preserved allowing historians, archeologists and others to examine and study the people who lived in this ancient city. Now specifically looking at the food aspect of Pompeii, I have discovered through research food influenced the daily life of the citizens in Pompeii by distinguishing social class, providing jobs, and participating in
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It is apparent that the elite would have rarer delicacies than the common folk; for example, stuffed boar, honeyed or stuffed dormice. For these dormice, Pompeians had a special jar to keep these animals in shown in figure 1. This device acted as a hamster wheel, allowing the mouse to run up and down the crevasses. Pompeians over fed and put a lid on this jar so the mice would be inactive and fatten up for a succulent, juicy piece of meat. One particular recipe for these creatures is dormice stuffed with itself and pork crushed with spices such as peppers, nuts, and fish sauce. The less fortunate did not have the luxury of these meals frequently so their main diet was wine, cheese, bread, and oil, with some simple dishes included, but the meat intake was

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