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Introduction Local governments have been playing a pivotal role in the provision of services to people in local communities in different countries for many years. Local government is expected to provide a choice and act as a voice to express the needs and aspirations of the people. Local government is defined as the government at grassroots level entrusted with performing functions that concern day to day public needs such as roads, water supply and sanitation (Lekorwe, 2000). This essay will look at the importance of local government. Furthermore, the writer will also discuss why improving the local government is so significant in the development process of developing countries. Local government is important in every nation that preaches…show more content…
This is mainly because the local government in Botswana is a puppet of the Central government. The government of Botswana tried to improve the local government by establishing the Botswana Association of Local Authorities in 1983. The situation have not improved mainly due to lack of complete powers by the local government, the only powers it have is to make bye-laws. These bye-laws can be amended or abolished by the central government. An improved local government in Botswana with full powers can ensure quality service delivery at local areas which is the mandate of local governments. The local government could be able to tailor services according to the needs of their respective localities. Conclusion The paper has managed to discuss the importance of local governments. The writer has also examined why the improvement of local government in developing countries is essential, giving relevant examples of its success in countries like Nigeria and Bangladesh. Local government is very important and its improvement needs to be taken seriously by developing countries. President Obama once said, “Africa does not need strong men but strong institutions”. Developing countries should have strong, autonomous and robust local

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