Importance Of Local Self-Government

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1. Introduction
This assignment will discuss the importance of local governments as platform for enhancing participatory governance and the vehicle for grassroots socio-economic development.
It will first discus the concept of local self-government, the role of government in driving LED, the challenges faced by local government in giving effective service delivery and strategies in dealing with the challenges.
2. Local Self-government.
Local self- government means the ‘’right and capability of local authorities inside the confinements of law to control and mange important share of public affairs under their obligation and interest of the population’’. (Council for Europe 1985). The idea about self-local government additionally make characterize Similarly as an arrangement for which resident of a particular community alternately a more diminutive political unit for example, such that an state lead themselves and control their issues. Local self-government consist of chosen representative responsible for satisfying the needs of the community and governing local issues. ‘’The establishments of local self-government ‘work is impacted by state law making bodies and they exercise power stated in the act by which they are established (Council of Europe 1985). (Bansal, S.2011)
3. The constitutional provision that affirms the idea of local self-government in South Africa.
Local government as a "sphere" of government in its own right before a local government 's executive authority
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