Importance Of Locus Of Control In Human Services

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There are many concepts I learned in this Human Services course, but there are three main concepts I consider the most significant. I learned about the process of having a values in order to guide vision and mission statements, the significance of the locus of control, and the different way people may react to change. The first concept I learned about was values within a community. There were many values to choose from and many groups in the course had many similar or different ideas when being compared to each other. My group chose the collaboration, respect, teamwork, compassion, and empathy for others as our values. It took much communication within the group and between groups to conclude with values within our class’s community. I will carry the concept of values within a community with me after class by being open minded when it comes to values of other people.…show more content…
The locus of control is a position of where we control our lives. There are people who have a different locus of control. Similar to being collaborative and or adversarial, either could be two or both types of locus of control. These two locuses of control are known as external locus of control and internal locus of control. The external locus of control is when an individual's says that an a person or group other than themselves is responsible. The internal locus of control is when an individual says that they themselves is responsible. I will carry the concept of locus of control by attempting to analyze the way I engage in groups and how others engage in groups and in different environments. Knowing about both concepts let’s an individual understand others

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