Importance Of Logic In Law

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Law is an integral part of our society, it affects the lives of all people. Any legal mistake by the court, any wrong judgement by the Judge can have serious effects on the lives of the people. Only someone who has been affected by the judgement of the court can comprehend the mental or physical pain of a misjudgement or the happiness and satisfaction of a correct one. In the modern technologically advanced world computer systems can assist with judicial process, but the reasons should be sound and the meanings should be clear, hence the need of logic is important in law.
Logic was initially used in court hearings or legal proceedings to provide a clear and unambiguous .representation of law..These approaches saw reasoning as a simple deduction from the representation of law. According to Fregean logic once the concepts are properly understood, a valid inference can be drawn from it, so the main task is to develop sound and complete proof procedures. In simple words: it is important to first represent the law; the reasoning process follows from it and is done within a traditional conception of logic.
When the works of Fregean were continued people realised that many aspects of legal reasoning go beyond the scope of logical approaches that were accepted traditionally. This means that sometimes legal arguments cannot be simply defined in the domain of logic. When a law is framed, the legislators are well aware that they cannot apply it in all the circumstances in which it will

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