Importance Of Deductive Reasoning

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Law is an integral part of our society, it affects the lives of all people. Any legal mistake by the court, any wrong judgement by the Judge can have serious effects on the lives of the people. Only someone who has been affected by the judgement of the court can comprehend the mental or physical pain of a misjudgement or the happiness and satisfaction of a correct one. In the modern technologically advanced world computer systems can assist with judicial process, but the reasons should be sound and the meanings should be clear, hence the need of logic is important in law.
Logic was initially used in court hearings or legal proceedings to provide a clear and unambiguous .representation of law..These approaches saw reasoning as a simple deduction
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Some statisticians quote that 90 percent of legal issues can be resolved by deduction. So indeed it is important to understand the rules that govern deductive logic. Students should familiarize themselves with the principles of inductive generalization( that is using evidence about a fixed number of things and make a claim about the almost all of the things of that type). Inductive generalizations if used properly, can help students solve hopeless cases.Another form of inductive reasoning is reasoning by analogy is a powerful tool in…show more content…
Defined broadly, deduction is reasoning in which a conclusion is compelled by known facts. For example, if we know that the Sun is bigger than the Earth, and that the Earth is bigger than Moon, then we also know that Sun must be bigger than Moon. Or, imagine that you know you becomes deathly ill every time you eat junk food. Using deduction we know that if you eat a pizza, you’ll have to visit the doctor. From these examples, we can get an idea of the basic structure of deductive arguments: If A and B are true, then C also must be
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