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Nowadays, more and more people get used to use network to buy something. After pay bill, we will waiting for somebody delivery to you, so that this is logistic. Definition of logistics is: Logistics is receiving goods from suppliers to the process of physical movement, according to the actual needs of the transport, storage, purchasing, handling, packaging, distribution processing, distribution, information processing and other functions combine to achieve the user the process requirements. The concept of the supply chain, it will be the company's production activities conducted a reach and trailing. We can put supply chain portrayed as a leafy tree: Manufacturer constitute roots, exclusive agents is the main lever; distributors
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Port Logistics has always been listed as one of the key industries to develop. The Government attaches great importance to take advantage of the port, the port seen as an important new way of making money. Singapore port is the center of the political, economic, cultural and transportation.

Mainly in electronic appliances industry, oil refining and shipbuilding as the three pillars. In addition to the three pillars of the industrial sector, as well as textiles, food, transportation equipment, construction and other are more developed. The Port high-tech industry has developed rapidly, it is a major producer of the world's computer disk and integrated circuits, as well as oil refining industry, it is one of the world's three major oil refining center. Singapore is still Europe, Asia and Oceania aviation center. Singapore port with more than 600 ports in 123 countries and regions to establish business contacts, a total of 430 liner per week sent around the
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The establishment of the Singapore Maritime and Port Authority (MPA) is responsible for port management, responsible for the establishment of PSA port production and management. Meanwhile, in order to adapt to economic globalization and international requirements, in accordance with the global supply chain management model, port operations re-engineering, and actively promote the development of modern logistics industry. 2, multinational clustering. Singapore focused on attracting multinational corporations to invest in Singapore, there are currently 8,000 multinational companies, including more than 5,000 headquarters or regional headquarters in Singapore, the multinational has brought great quantities of goods, and promote the development of the port. 3, port logistics and manufacturing development. Singapore government has always attached importance to developing the manufacturing sector, the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries manufacturing as a pillar of development. Manufacturing accounted for the proportion of the value of domestic production has remained at around 25%, in recent years there is an upward trend, reaching 33.4% in 2005. Manufacturing development, especially the development of the port industry, led to the development and prosperity of the port. 4, government support logistics development. In industrial development planning, the government has enacted the logistics industry development plan. In terms

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