Importance Of Logos

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INTRODUCTION Logo matching and recognition is important for brand advertising and surveillance applications and it discovers either improper or un-authorized use of logos. Some logos may have similar layout with only few details of differences that can be seen on the spatial disposition, the size and shapes and even on the orientations. The graphic designers carefully studied the distinctiveness of logos because their difference is only seen in few details. Every organizations or companies have their own logos which is a legal symbol for the identification of their products. And some other organizations or individual used the duplicate logos that have small variations from the original ones in order to deceive customers. Logos are mainly a visual object which is use for representing the identity of an organization, industry, company, schools or institutions and an individual. They are graphical objects which can be either represented by names of the respective organizations or it can be a real world object or symbols. Some logos are found in images and videos that are embedded on other objects like shirts, vehicles, mugs etc. In these cases they are subjected to other objects therefore they may have deformations, often corrupted by noise or partially occluded. So there are several logo recognition systems which are found, some of which are detection of duplicate logos to reveal non-authorized used of logos and advertisement of logos in sport events etc. Fig. 1.1 shows some

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