Personal Narrative: My Loyalty Day

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Register to read the introduction…I took a warm bath and ate my breakfast, while I was wearing my uniform I looked at the mirror near a white long simple dress and suddenly felt anxious for this will be the last time that I would be walking around in our school. After four years I have learned to set goals, to do amazing things, to dream big, to explore, to discover and to believe. Just like in the first year when I went into this school with full of questions about this new phase of my life. I would not forget the Loyalty Day especially when all of us freshmen would go into the cross-sword held by senior students as a sign of accepting us as their youngest brother. And then we were thrown at a big gymnasium where we had a happy bonding in songs, dances and chanting of the names of our sections. We had started in adjusting to our new school, new grounds countless activities and new…show more content…
I rode on a tricycle with my graduation dress still on a hanger, for I don’t want it to be rumpled. When I arrived, the graduation march already started and it was on its halfway, so there is no way I’m going to run after my section for our section was the first to walk. I didn’t mind the students looking at me because I was late, thus I started to walk quickly to the gymnasium for I was the one to lead the doxology. When I was in my seat I wear my graduation attire and it gave the feeling of having another achievement. The emcee’s called the students that will lead the National anthem and the doxology, for the doxology I sang Carrie Underwood’s Jesus, Take the wheel.
We go to our respective seats and the program starts. Delegates gave us inspiring speeches about the next chapter in our lives that we’ll be facing after this and lessons they have learned back when they were still young. And finally the receiving of my diploma, the diploma that served as the price for all the good memories and hardships I have faced over the past four years.
As my name was being called on stage my adviser whispered excitedly”Jose! Congrats, graduate kana.” (Congratulations, Jose you have
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But I want to go around our school so I refused, “Thank you for asking, but I’m sorry I can’t” I replied with a big smile.
“Okay, I understand, by the way we’ll go ahead, goodbye.” After that she left immediately.
While walking around with my fellow graduates taking pictures and selfies, I look at the faces of our beloved teachers, the ambiance of our classrooms, the familiar faces of my friends and classmates who had been with me through good and bad times. This time I pull into my memory the scent of our Alma Mater… the air that falls through the vast parade ground, the comfort of decorated rooms, the long pathways which we trample under when the rain comes, the taste of snacks I eat, the noise, the laughter. All of a sudden a question came out of my mind……
When will I step once more in the grounds of my beloved Luis Palad?
Adios, dear Alma Mater. We have earned a platform of respect and success. There is a new path waiting for us, though the memories we have made will stay forever in our
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