Importance Of Loyalty In William Faulkner's Barn Burning

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Loyalty is a common principle taught to children at a very young age. Society tells people that loyalty to one 's family should be held above all else, causing many to face the same challenges that Sartoris faced in William Faulkner 's "Barn Burning". Inner conflict is a reoccurring theme in Barn Burning and is highlighted when young Sartoris was called to testify against his father in a case of a barn burning and again when the child learned of his father 's intentions to burn another, causing Sartoris to make the choice between staying loyal to his family or doing the thing he knows is right and turning his dad in.
Sartoris grew up in a tight-knit household where family loyalty was not to be broken; however, he knew in his heart that his father had
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Faulkner dives deeper into the pressure that Sartoris faced to remain loyal to his father when the family camped for the final night before they expected to arrive at the new home the father had found for them. After dinner, Sarty is called by his father onto the road where his father proceeds to accuse the boy of planning to tell the Justice of the Peace the truth, that his father was the one who burnt the barn down, even though Sartoris had silently made up his mind and was planning on defending him. His father then struck him in the face and with it came the words, "you got to learn to stick to your own blood or you ain 't going to have any blood to stick to you" (par. 28). This line plays a vital role in the creation of the theme, inner conflict, as it further explains the situation that the young boy was in. The father was telling his young son that he needed to be for the family and protect it by defending the lies his father tells or do what Sarty 's heart was telling him to do and cost himself his family, and the people he loved. His father telling him this caused the boy to truly realize what was at risk if he chose to make his own decisions, adding added pressure and stress onto young Sarty
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