Importance Of Lying In Sports

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Sports coaches shouldn’t tell sportsman they will make it to the top when they not Many sports coaches around the world tell their players they have the potential to make it the top even if they don’t. This is wrong as lying is unethical, the sportsman is given false hope and if the sportsman finds the coach is lying the relationship is significantly lowered. This is wrong as they are others ways to motivate sportsman rather than lying to them. Firstly, lying is unethical and well-known as a bad thing. The sports coach is lying to the sportsmen by telling him he will make it to the top when he knows he will not and lying in this circumstance goes against the Ten Commandments and several ethical views. Lying goes against the Ten Commandments,…show more content…
If the sportsman finds his coach has been lying to him then they wouldn’t communicate as much and the player wouldn 't play as well for the team. Studies show that after one finds another person is lying to him the relationship between the two can take years to heal. During this time the player could leave the coaches team or continue to play in the team but with little effort. In any relationship, whether it be coach and player or friends nobody should be lied to. If the coach tells somebody that the player will never make it to the top it is almost unavoidable that the player will find out he is being lied to eventually. There is a high chance the sportsman may be angered when he told that his coach has been lying to him. This will likely lead to violence or abuse towards the coach, especially if the coach has been telling the sportsman he will make it to the top for a while. If the sports coach is ever found to be lying to the sportsman about making it to the top then the results will negatively impact the team and the relationship between the coach and the
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