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AIRLINE INDUSTRY The major equipment in Airline Industry is the Aircraft. An aircraft has a lifespan of 25 years. The frequency of the repair activities on the aircraft depends upon the manufacturer’s specification. The minimum required maintenance tasks, how and when they should be performed are documented by the engine and aircraft manufacturers and handed over to the airlines. Airlines devote about 11% its employees and about 10-15% of its operating expense for maintenance. In Airline industry, the maintenance programs are performed on the aircraft to keep it in safe and fit to work, ensure traveller comfort and ensure maximum utilization. Maintenance in airlines industry is the repair, overhaul, modification or inspection of an…show more content…
Organization of Maintenance in Airline Industry Airlines will have one facility for doing the major maintenance work and aircraft modifications and it will be known as the maintenance base. Aircrafts will be parked overnight at smaller maintenance facilities at an airline's hubs or at primary airports. Such facilities will be known as the major maintenance stations and the routine maintenance and stocking of a large supply of spare parts are performed there. Maintenance stations at airports form the third level of inspection and repair. The maintenance tasks carried out on an aircraft are of 5 categories: line/transit, A, B, C and D. Line/ Transit check – It is performed daily at the gate and may last for one hour. The maintenance team performs visual inspection of fluid level, tyres, brakes and emergency…show more content…
It is the document on maintenance of airplanes developed in 1970s. It was based on a theory that airplanes and its components will reach a period when they have to be overhauled to be restored to its working condition. It was process oriented and analysed failure modes from the part level up. MSG 1 and MSG 2 describe how maintenance should be performed on individual components. • Maintenance Steering Group 3 – It was based on developing a maintenance programs based on tested and proven airline practices. It has a task oriented approach to maintenance. It analyses the system failure modes from a system level or top down. The maintenance tasks are performed to achieve safety, operational and economic reasons. It includes both preventive maintenance and failure fining tasks. It puts emphasis on the consequence of failure of the component. Maintenance Philosophies 1. Hard Time limit: Scheduled removal of the item before it crosses its maximum permissible age limit 2. On-Condition: Scheduled inspection or test of the unit to determine whether the item will work in a satisfactory manner till the next inspection or test. They allow internal inspection and modular

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