Importance Of Managing Teams

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Managing Teams Rationale A manager is employed to ensure the effective and successful implementation of a company’s vision and if you’re a manger that wants to create a positive, creative, respectful, and responsible work environment it’s important that you manage your teams effectively. There are certain attributes or qualities a manager should possess like being able to plan, organise, control, lead and co-ordinate. When working with a team these attributes should be used to achieve or accomplish the organisational goals. Teams have many different facets and to understand what team is right for you, you will need to understand the different types, stages, and roles of team members to ensure an effective result from your team. “A team…show more content…
The author will discuss the importance of managing teams and how these attributes are used to overcome challenges faced by the team. Other characteristics of a good team manager such as communication skills, leadership and motivation skills will also be examined. It is important that you understand the role the manager plays in managing teams to fully execute what is expected of you, so that team members remain confident and motivated and that they feel supported and included. Teamwork involves working together, communicating with each other, trusting one another but there are also certain advantages and disadvantages to working within a team, which will be discussed. Its important that managers know when teams are required, the types of teams and the stages of team development to foster a committed, empowered, hardworking team environment for…show more content…
Without someone there to essentially giving the orders would there be a need for a team at all? Out of the management theories Elton Mayo’s theory on Human Relations best describes what required in a team and by a manager as it suggests the forming of natural groups, two-way communication and leadership. He felt that through training and being in touch with emotions and feelings one could maintain a well-matched relationship with team members. There are also moments like now and doing this presentation when the team was not one that could be selected but was brought together out of necessity. Thanks to Maire and her real management skills, she managed the team with great effectiveness. Her ability to plan, organise, control and lead the team has proven to be a success. Which then begs the question, is it down to the individual skills of the manager or the team having a unified goal that proves to be the winning formula for a great

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