Importance Of Manhood In Igbo Society

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Hiatt Ellefson

Ch 1 shows Okonkwo 's accomplishments showing that he is high in Igbo society.This provides details that later give reason for why okonkwo is the way he is. Driving himself toward tribal recognition, he is trying to hide the shame that he feels for the failures of his dead father.Okonkwo basicly shows qualities of manhood in Igbo society.Men can take as many as four titles, each more expensive than its previous. Each title taken is shown by an anklet or marks on the face, so others can can know they hold that title.

Ch2 you see beliefs and practices of Igbo tradition that are significant. Ie the division between male and female skills and responsibilities. Respect and success are based on only male activities. while taking care of children and hens are womanly activities. Achebe also shows the traditional elements of igbo in this chapter. The marketplace gathering shows what the Igbo society 's idea for what being a man is about. the male villager loyaltys to others when a woman is murdered by another village. we also learn that Umuofian traditions include the worship of wooden items showing their personal god, but also the common one.

Ch3 use of plot shows how Okonkwo 's hatred for his father has grown, as well as how his own determination to succeed. The separation between the man 's and woman 's world in Umuofian culture is further shown. in the roles of the women in the ritual wine-drinking and later in the crops coco-yams, beans, and cassava are
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