Importance Of Marketing Specialization

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Why Marketing Specialization-
Marketing as a specialization will help me gain more knowledge and skills on the concepts and approaches needed to excel in the industry. Since I have keen interest in retail industry, I want to work in the next one year focused on the core subjects, to help grow my current online retail business and also further in career. With focus and determination, I feel I can perform better if put under Marketing specialization.
Ephemeral Marketing: A Paradigm Shift and what it means for Marketers
In the fast changing market, the way to advertise and market a product is also changing at a faster pace. Gone are those days when people used to sit in front of televisions and watch advertisements and get influenced by them.
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Many companies in US are using Snapchat as a medium to offer discounts and coupons or to drive a marketing action. They ask for more and more participation from people against a campaign/competition. All these interactions on Snapchat with people, keeps people engaged and excited for the company/organization. Marketers can actually views the count of people who viewed their photo/video in the story. They also come up with theme templates for people attending their event or those taking part in a campaign, thus involving more and more people every day.
Snapchat specifically has another feature which helps marketers in promotion. It is called Snapchat Discover. Discover is a new way to explore stories from different editorial perspectives. It composes of unique channels, one from each publisher. Each channel publishes a daily edition filled with hand curated stories that refresh every 24 hrs. So with Discover channel a publisher can think of creative ways (not mainstream advertising method) to market the product.
Ephemeral marketing is best for companies which target millennials as they are majorly the ones who are active most of the
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Companies/organizations also use celebrities and brand ambassadors as a value addition, as they post stories reviewing the product or how the backstage updates are regarding an ongoing promotional event. This approach is used by Audi which routinely sends its engaging content to its constituents. Tv shows also provide exclusive clips from upcoming episodes which attract viewership.There are many companies who have started using ephemeral marketing actively, as it keeps people engaged with them for long term, Some of them include McDonald's, NBA, Taco Bell, Mashable,

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