Importance Of Mask In Literature

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This essay will portray the importance of a mask in literature texts; it is done to expose the deeper meaning and interpretation that a symbol can have. It will develop the idea and theory behind the use of a mask as a symbol in prose, poetry and drama in literature work. It will also show a relationship of the symbol of the mask as an object that is used to represent specific ideas, or even an argument of what it should mean. The use of symbols in a literature text is the main focus of the context and a very vigorous literature technique that can highlight different concepts or ideas from a same object. Symbols should be easily discovered in any novel and play, showing a double aspect of it literal meaning. Symbolism in literature can hint many things, a figure or situation that has multiple connotations in the text. And the actions of a character that implicates a different context in the passages. Through the play “Amadeus” written by Peter Shaffer 1979, and the Novel “The Phantom of the Opera” written by Gaston Leroux 1910. Both literary master pieces have in common the use of a “Mask”, we will analyse the different repercussion this mask has throughout the books, and how it is used to portray different ambience when the mask is present. Gaston Leroux is the author of the novel “The Phantom of the Opera” publishes in…show more content…
“Masked characters in our traditions reflect good and bad human traits and behaviours… capture social ideals of beauty, and can reveal evil through ugly and distorted features.”(3) Within “The Phantom of the Opera” The use of the mask hides Erik face and his personality, his expressions changes. The mask covers his ugliness and he can feel different in the society in the Opera, it attributes different emotions and actions; as if the mask covers what the Phantom has created,

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