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Why A Massage Chair Is The Answer Massage therapy has always been a go-to solution for stress relief. Not only does it ease anxiety, but it also relaxes the body, effectively getting rid of muscle aches, stiffness, and pain. It also lowers one’s blood pressure, improves circulation, soothes the senses, and recharges the mind. Because not everyone can visit luxurious spas for daily sessions, the best bet is to have a home massage chair that you have full control of anytime, anywhere—your own personal therapist, if you will. Kissing the tension away isn’t as simple as picking out the first massage chair you find on sale. Buying a massage chair can be a far more complicated business requiring plenty of research and reading of reviews to help…show more content…
Some good massage chairs have a “Zero Gravity” function, effectively removing any pressure from your spine as if to simulate weightlessness. A recline of about 170 degrees is good enough to allow your body to be completely at rest. Size And Material A question that most first-time buyers often forget is this, “Where will I put my massage chair?” A bulky chair takes up a lot of room, especially when it fully reclines or has an ottoman. Should you buy a chair that has wheels, then? It might be handy to be able to move the chair from room to room, depending on your preference. Also, who will be using this chair? Is the size of the chair big enough for a taller person? Does the chair have a particular weight limit? An approximate 5’10” height is normal for the average massage chair. If this height is not for you, you can choose a massage chair that has controls for adjusting the rollers, nodes, and seat heights. Make sure that the material of the chair is leather or synthetic leather. These are made to withstand the heat of the moving parts, and they are more resilient to cracks and fading. Types Of Massage Chair You Should

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