Importance Of Materialism In The Great Gatsby

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If we take a non-fiction book that was written in 1922, we might ask ourselves whether the book is relevant in this day and age. One such book was written by the author F. Scott Fitzgerald and it goes by; “The Great Gatsby”. The contents of the novel actually hold pretty valuable and relatable materials regarding materialism in today’s society. It also touches on the idea that people are not what they seem to be even if they say they are. This in and of itself is highly relevant because human behavior stays fairly comprehensible throughout history. Even though “The Great Gatsby” was written nearly a century ago, many of the themes it has can still be seen in today’s society. During the time the book was written, the economy was in a condition of prosperity because the war ended which lead to technological advances and large profits for businesses. As a result, the dynamics of society changed also. The main focus of the media were on people with fame and wealth. This shows the interests and values of what most people had in the U.S. back then.…show more content…
People were, and still are attracted to a higher class of living and everyone wants to be rich. Gatsby‘s character is defined through his extravagant house, clothing, parties and cars. (QUOTE THE LAST PART) When we look at our current society, this particular aspect having to do with materialism has not changed much since the writing of “The Great
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