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When it comes to the language of math, it can become confusing because a simple word in English may have a different meaning in math. This is another task teachers need to take upon themselves to teach. This ways students will understand their math problems better if they understand the vocabulary. For some students it may not be that difficult to figure out what the vocabulary stands for in math. For instance, word problems sometimes sound like a complete foreign language and you have to dissect how to solve the problem. However, not all students will have the same knowledge and it may be the first time they come across a word that now has a new or several new meanings. The language of math is very important and it should be included…show more content…
Algebra is still very hard for me and I think it was easier for me to learn when I was younger. I was introduced to man terms and activities to ensure that I was learning the mathematical vocabulary and concepts. When introducing new words to students, Burns says, “When vocabulary relates to mathematical symbols, point to the symbols when saying the words. Have the students pronounce the words themselves” (2006, pg. 43). Repetition is no a concept that is promoted in education today. However, I feel that it works when students have an explanation as to the meaning of what they are trying to learn or recite. In my experience, I always write new terms when I am first presented to them. I usually do not retain things easily and I need to take notes in order to go back and study. Some students may learn just by hearing or seeing it written down, but some students may have to be presented with the terms in several different ways. In one of the activities mentioned by Burns, she states that children should keep track of their activity, as they take away, and then go over if the left over numbers were odd or even (Burns, 2006, pg. 43). I feel that its is important that students understand the new terms as they are doing them and have them written down to go back to them at a later
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