Importance Of Mathematics In Education

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Education plays a very significant role in the development of the latent potential of an individual. It helps in nurturing these dormant capabilities to mould them into stable personalities. Therefore the main aim of education is the holistic development of an individual and the school subjects like science, mathematics, social studies, art, craft, languages etc. ensures the all round development of the child. All the faculties of education are interdependent on each other and cannot be taught in water tight compartments. Each subject aims at developing an individual to the fullest. Mathematics is one such subject which finds it relevance in all the subjects as well as life. It is known as one of the gate keepers for success in all fields of life. It is a common saying that Mathematics is mother of all subjects. That is why it is considered to be more than a subject and is conceived as a key for solving the problem. Our daily life activities would practically come to a halt without mathematics therefore Kothari Commission (1964-66) suggested that “Science and Mathematics should be taught on a compulsory basis to all pupils as a part of general education during first 10 years of schooling.”
There are three main considerations for which a child is sent to school. First, for knowledge and skills aimed at the development of practical and utilitarian value; second, for intellectual habits and power aiming disciplinary value and training in desirable attitude and last for ideals
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