Importance Of Mathematics In Modern Day Life

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These characteristics of informal mathematics point out the need of meaning making in learning mathematics and towards a more active role of learner in learning and in solving problems. It also indicates the need of an environment which creates the need of thinking and devising various strategies to arrive at solution. This, further, re-defines role of a teacher teaching in mathematics. Mathematics may be seen as a science of dealing with the shapes, quantity and logical arrangement. It is placed all around and no one can escape from it. It works as the pillar of our modern day life starting from mobile, building designs, art, time and money and even in sports and other activities. It has been omnipresent since time immemorial and it was, is and will always be very useful to the human kind with the way we progress in the Modern day life. With the use of mathematics we become systematic which makes our like so very orderly and removes chaos from our routine. It is further useful during reasoning, creativity, thinking clearly as well as in problem solving. Thus, it can be seen that mathematics is an integral part of our modern day life and each one of us use maths knowingly or unknowingly in his/her daily life. Hence, we need to create the environment for the students to love mathematics rather than fear it. It is the duty of the curriculum makers that they should make students learning while doing activities, games, puzzles etc for concept formation as well as increasing
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