Importance Of Mathematics In Social Sciences

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Abstract: Over the years, mathematics and statistics have become increasingly important in the social sciences. A look at the history of mathematics quickly reveals this claim. In the beginning of the 20th century most of the theories in the social sciences were formulated in qualitative terms while quantitative methods did not play a substantial role in the formulation and establishment of them. Moreover, many practitioners considered mathematical methods to be inappropriate and simply not suited to foster our understanding of the social domain. Notably, the famous Methodenstreit (Method Dispute) was also about the role of mathematics in the social sciences. Mathematics was considered as the method of the natural sciences from which the social…show more content…
When Mathematics makes its contribution in the advancement of science, technology and Society, then society draws huge advantages. A view of its history shows a very good picture of the overall development of our civilization. What we have in the form of mathematical knowledge today is the result of the combined efforts of all human beings. Mathematics is the common heritage of mankind and it is not the exclusive property or proprietary of any particular race or country. So we can say that history of Mathematics is the history of civilization.
Additional indication for the increasing importance of mathematical and statistical methods in the social sciences is the formation of new sub-disciplines, and the establishment of specialized journals and societies. And indeed, sub-disciplines such as Mathematical Psychology and Mathematical Sociology
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At the end, We can say that mathematics provides the social scientist only with tools, and the outcomes that what one obtains when using these tools will crucially depend on the assumptions that are made during the process of solution of the problem. This is a variant of the well known GIGO principle of computer science (“garbage in, garbage out). All assumptions are motivated informally; formulating them in the language of mathematics just helps putting them more precisely. And once the assumptions are formulated mathematically, the methods of mathematics helps to draw inferences in an automated way. This holds for analytical calculations as well as for numerical studies, including computer simulations of various

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