Essay On Importance Of Mathematics In Education

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Mathematics is a vital factor of social reality and it is considered necessary for the personality development of a student. It is also essential for the process of humanizing the courses related to the modern applied mathematics which make the learning accessible. The ongoing transformation of mathematics knowledge is a cultural phenomenon which plays a pivotal role in the progress dynamics. It also effects the changes which are necessary in the field of pedagogies of mathematics. If mathematical thinking is considered in broad sense with respect to the different aspects of the society in which we are living, we find different points of views. First those people who consider mathematics as an objective, a concrete body of knowledge and methodology…show more content…
They are also of the view that development of professional skills of teaching faculties of all the areas is also important especially for those who are not initially trained. To bring the desired changes in the mathematics curriculum, teachers’ professional development is also required for the effectiveness of class room instruction. The study explores whether the reorientation workshop of the teachers for four weeks can professionally build up the subject knowledge of the participants, instructional skills, and application of modern tools of instructional technology in the classroom. Outcomes of this research study reveal that much improvement has been observed in the teachers’ instructional skills, content knowledge and healthy classroom environment is…show more content…
What are the key features of pre-service training of secondary school mathematics teachers?
2. How the secondary school mathematics teachers learn about pedagogical knowledge in their pre-service training?
3. How the mathematics teachers are provided sufficient content knowledge of secondary level in their pre-service training.
4. What professional support is provided to mathematics teachers in terms of refresher courses during the service at secondary level?
5. How the mathematics teachers are professionally trained time to time according to the changes made in the content knowledge?
6. How the pedagogical skills of mathematics teachers are developed through in service training or refresher courses? 7. Do the mathematics teachers have sufficient subject knowledge of secondary level mathematics? 8. Do the mathematics teachers have enough pedagogical knowledge of teaching mathematics to secondary classes? 9. Do the professional traits, beliefs and attitudes of mathematics teachers contribute to their professional development? 10. Do the mathematics teachers use their pedagogical and content knowledge during their instruction to secondary classes?
11. How we can prepare professional mathematics
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