Importance Of Maths In Education

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Having studied all fields of maths since the fifth grade I was gradually attracted by the honesty of this science that gives us wisdom to see how the world works. I attended classes in a maths center and spent every August in a maths camp, then I became a pupil in the strongest maths school in St Petersburg. It was rather challenging to keep on that schedule, however, I was keen on maths because of its duality : the most abstract and the most applied science I ever met.
In university I chose Applied mathematics because I was drawn by opportunity to see results of my work and my knowledge put into practice. Undoubtedly, lots of courses, like mathematical analysis or mathematical physics, which were taught to us not only for learning that particular material but for opening our minds, gave us a chance to break usual bounds of understanding to see so much more in mathematics, to visualise its connections and structures,. It was extremely hard but so important for understanding the beauty of what we had been learning for many years. The most interesting part of
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It is an outstanding feeling when you find out a solution and realize how system works. There are some problems in medicine connected with big data, to be good at solving them you need strong background in methods of optimisation and deep learning. My experience in bioinformatics showed that I want to improve my skills in data analysis and this possibility can not be given by bioinformatics and biomedicine programmes.Data track appears to be one of the opportunities to gain prowess of machine learning, deep learning in ambience of academic work, cooperation with labs in other countries with different points of view. I, on my part, will be happy to contribute to this track with my mathematical, bioinformatic background and my experience as a

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