Example Of Maturity Essay

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Maturity is the “full development” of an individual, but what does this mean? People have often thought that it just comes naturally over time. Maturity is the ability of a person to act responsible, making the most out of their current circumstances. Some people never reach the state of maturity, while other obtain it at a very young age. In this sense, maturity cannot be given to someone, but must be earned by themselves. For example, while this trait cannot be bestowed unto someone, their temperament as well as the circumstances that surround them can help mold them. Maturity varies greatly among the populace and can be hard to identify at times. This is because it is largely dependent on an individual’s temperament. Someone who acts out, not caring about anything will take longer to mature than someone who is well-behaved and is conscious of their actions. One quality for example, patience, is the ability to wait or remain calm in situations, otherwise unbearable to others. This person must be able to adapt to unexpected events, leading to the best possible outcome. Taking advantage of one’s circumstances can lead to more than goal being…show more content…
In this trait involves the ability to act responsibly, which is often said to be maturity in itself. However, being responsible simply means putting needs before desires in order to undoubtedly secure their success. This ability is crucial to the decision-making process, and others in the process as well. While everyone wishes to have something or do something putting needs ahead on that list takes a lot of effort. Putting needs aside and focusing on wants such as a new car, or the shoes on tv show a lack of priority. Knowing what has to be done and carrying out is the very meaning of someone mature. As shown these traits work hand in hand and cannot be utilized effectively unless they are all
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