Importance Of Measures To Save Our Environment Essay

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Trees plays a very important role in saving our environment in many ways. Lower forests means danger to our planet. Measures are being taken to decrease deforestation, the quickest solution to save our environment would be to stop the cutting down of trees. There is a more suitable way to save the environment which is to use management strategies to make sure that the environment doesn’t get disturbed.
Green business and Eco-forestry:
Green business is about recycling and re-use. Man-made items such as papers, plastics and other products which are made of wood should be recycled and re-used so that there could be less disturbance to the forest because there will be less dependence on wood products. Recycling and re-using will also decrease
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Most people only care about the economic gain rather than saving the environment, this attitude lead to people logging for valuable resources in an illegal way. The community must make sure that the laws which protects our forests are being advanced and enforced to decrease deforestation, in that way the impact of deforestation will be managed.

Community forestry:
We can say community forestry is when local government, local community and local organizations (schools, Churches and universities) work together to create trees planting programs and manage local forests. This boost environmental sustainability and makes local forests to stay viable. The community must protect local forests and plant trees in order to save the environment from deforestation.
Sensitization and Educative Campaigns:
The community can create an awareness for deforestation. An awareness is a simple and understandable solution to minimize the impact of deforestation. Awareness programs makes it easy for people to understand why they should not cut down the forests because people like farmers who are affected by deforestation will share their personal experiences which will motivate the community members to stop deforestation. The community must stand up and try to combat the cutting down of

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