Importance Of Media In Education

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Education is one of the media's main roles. Unfortunately, the rapid development of media industry with the presence of digital technology has not been able to provide these benefits to the fullest, particularly in Indonesia. As a part of the society, I realize that up until now we have difficulties to find appropriate media or its content that suitable for the young generation's learning process. Furthermore, as a media practitioner, I have learned that rating, traction, and advertising demand, influence the media to create consumable mainstream content which asside its educational function. However, I believe with its strong power to influence, media must take part in the nation education effort. After more than 10 years working as a TV journalist, I decided to enter the digital media industry since early this year. I have established a digital media company focusing on news and lifestyle named VisualTV.Live. While working on this I also spare my time to learn about children and their education. I volunteered as a lecturer at Inspiration Class, one of the Indonesia Teaching social movement programs. Through this experience, I shared my knowledge while learning the education process in elementary school. There I realized how media have a significant effect on the students development, particularly in shaping their…show more content…
I am profoundly motivated to be able to provide solutions for the children learning experience by using digital media as a means of education in Indonesia. I believe the presence of digital technology opens a great opportunity to develop alternative learning tools, when conventional media provide less space for education. Therefore, I would like to pursue master degree in the field of digital media and education in order to expand my knowledge, skills, and network to actualize my
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