Importance Of Media In Language Teaching

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The present research reports on the importance and use of interactive materials in the teaching of English. Learners are expected to have a desired knowledge of English while entering the college. Advertisements are easily available and accessible materials which can be exploited for language teaching. They can be used in teaching the basic communication skills – LSRW along with a special focus on grammar and vocabulary. The present report records the use of matrimony ads used as a material to enhance the communication skills of the learners.
Key words: advertising, communication, interactive, materials.
Newspapers are the easily available and perennial sources of information which can be utilised for language teaching. The 21st century learners who are said to be with ‘limited attention span’ should be involved with different kinds of activities and tasks so as to engage them and educate them. In this context, the role of a teacher is as that of a moderator and facilitator; s/he has to prepare materials based on the needs and linguistic level of the learners as well as to address their interests. In order to serve the purpose, advertisements shortly known as ads are one of the tools used for language teaching. Ads can be used in the language classroom to enhance the communication skills of the learners.
Impact of mass media
Media like that of literature has two major functions – to educate and to entertain. Media includes newspapers, television,

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