Importance Of Media In Media

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In my opinion, an individual is literate in media and information when he/she has the ability to use and filter what he or she sees in the different types of media. A person who is literate in media and information can analyze information well, he/she evaluates first all sort of information before accepting, and he/she can create media in any variety of forms. They have the capability to access different types of media without being confused or deceived by wrong/fake information because they have the ability to recognize when information is needed, when to use it, or when it’s a fact or a bluff information. That 's why they are responsible on the things they do because they filter out first the information they see or read, and after filtering…show more content…
They 're the one who communicates with knowledge, they show respect on the rights and opinions of the people who are also using media because he/she is mindful of the consequences of what he/she might have created in his/her chosen media. They can also control the usage of media especially social media’s, and not the media who is controlling them. In generalization a media and information literate for me is the one who take’s full responsibility on the things he or she does and use them wisely for them to communicate effectively with any type of media. I practice being media and information literate by researching. I am always active on social media and we all know that fake news is rampant on social media especially on facebook. I often see news spreading out on my facebook timeline, and what I do is investigate first about it, see if it is legit or if it has sources to support the news. Sometimes I even search it on google to validate it. And sometimes even though it has supporting sources, I still don’t believe it and I still do research about it for me to have assurance that it is legitimate news. I also check the websites where I researched, for me to really validate whether it is also legit or if it is a dummy website to support their own fake
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