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Social media is bringing change in reporting sources Dr.Rajni Rathi Assistant Professor Department of Journalism and Mass Communication BLS Institute of Technology Management (Affiliated to GGSIP University, New Delhi) Abstract: Sources of information are very important in field of Journalism. A true journalist should always keep their promise of confidentiality of not revealing source details in every circumstance, even if they are to face unpleasant consequences for keeping their source confidential. But in today’s digital world, the sources of information to journalists had also become digital. This particularly applies to political journalists whose sources had now become digital. Nowadays, social sites had become the most important source…show more content…
This provides more transparency in interaction with the masses. Campaigning plays a very important and crucial role during election. It showcases the party profile, their goals in near future and explains what the public can expect from them. In short, campaigning has a very strong effect on how the elections turn out. This brings the political parties or rather the field of politics to the concept of online campaigning through the use of social media which is by far very less explored in India. The victory of the Aam Aadmi Party in Sep. 2013 in New Delhi was not just the most telling litmus test of anti-incumbency in India’s Capital, but it also played out as a compelling example of engagement and persuasion via social media. More and more youngster joining political arena has finally woken up to its importance. More and more politicians, be it young or old, are actively using social…show more content…
The comments written by the leaders were used as news source by the reporters. These comments later on turn into a news story. Reliability is very important for the source to be credible and these leaders’ comments and updates are usually reliable. On Twitter, few comments and updates become news story and few of which invite actions, reactions including protests by various groups and specific parties. This usually happens for controversial tweets and comments. Some of the tweets by politicians have resulted in

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