Importance Of Media Influence On Society

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Literature Review The study of media influences on society is important because of the impact it has on shaping our beliefs, behaviours, and biases. Many Sociologist have examined the different aspects of media influence on society and this literature review will summarize the findings of five different research articles which focus on the effects of media exposure on society as a whole. A variety of issues are explored including, feminism, racism, sexism, and inequality of the different socioeconomic classes. It is important to highlight the influential practices used by the media to influence people, so that we may better understand the impact that it may have on our daily lives. This literature review examines the many aspects of media biases and the effects it may have on a variety of different social groups and issues. According to Kellner, the study of culture is valuable because it enables one to read and interpret one’s culture critically. Kellner encourages a multiperspectival approach that includes, discussing production and political economy; engaging in textual analysis; and studying the reception and use of cultural texts. He goes on to explain that it is important to analyze cultural text within their system of production and distribution referred to as the political economy of our culture. Also, he believes that close textual reading examines the meaning of the text in not only written words, but also in visual and other non-verbal cues. **** Sutherland
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