Importance Of Media Monitoring

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Media monitoring emerged in middle 1800s as press clipping services in Europe. In the early times, the keywords were clipped from printed publication. Most press clipping services served a limited area.In the 1950’s with the development of technology, the records of television news began to be watched according to keywords.In the 1990’s development of the Internet has increased in number of online media monitoring services. This helped businesses to reach the right content easily. Media monitoring means that Collecting,reporting and servicing are processes from news, advertisements, which emerge in online and print broadcasting which related to companies, people or organization.The purpose of the media monitoring
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They include publications, print media publications, and collateral data from online information sources.These services register 24/7. ‘’Today, media monitoring centers, which become a necessity for companies, organizations or various organizational institutions to follow the rapidly changing agenda and have an idea about how and where they take place on the agenda, follow the printed media as well as the social media because of the internet usage reaching its peak and archives.’’ (Güngör).We can list subcategories of media monitoring as news, social monitoring, broadcast monitoring for TV, radio news, print media monitoring,new advertisement monitoring,foreign media monitoring. Especially; Importance of the social media monitoring has increased based on social media as a result of the mass media. The importance of social media monitoring has increased due to the fact that the social media is affecting the masses. Today, many organizations are preparing campaigns or advertisements through social media. Therefore; Public relation and social media monitoring are associated.This means that media monitoring analyze results are used by PR professionals

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