Importance Of Media On Media Essay

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Media growth widely and abruptly nowadays that has built a strong presence in teenagers’ life. Media has viewed as a window for learning and it can be seen as a primary window to the world. Moreover, media also become an inseparable part of teenagers’ life, so teenagers impossible will escape themselves from media as well, especially in this era of progress. In short, there is always a shadow of media used at everywhere and every time. People have built up their relationship with information that they essential for their life by the used of media and media has been used to convey the news to all over the world. As everyone knows that newspaper is the first media that appear in the world but then it had been replaced by radio in the year of…show more content…
Unfortunately, the negative impacts are much more stand out than the benefits, especially on teenagers. Media is like a trap that somehow can cause teenagers to fall into it. Teenagers seem not realizing the effect that caused by the media onto them. Therefore, media should be used wisely in order to prevent some unfortunate events occur and to control the usage of media every day and not the other way round. Teenagers should not too rely on media by watching and listening, however teenagers have learned according to their own ability. Teenagers should view media as the helper and not too depend on them that can cause limitation on the teenagers, for instance, thinking wisely. In this case, parents play such a very important role in overcoming the negative effects. The content and the message of the media should be reasonable and clean in order for the child to absorb any information from the media. Besides, teenagers’ parents can censor or filter the media that teenagers have viewed. Once parents have done this so their kids will be grow up in a good health and good ethic life. Consequently, teenagers should think deeply and take prudent consideration of the negative effects of media that can influence

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