Media Planning Process Of Media Analysis

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There are so many media options that deciding which media network is best for the brand can be a complex task. What Is Media Planning? Media planning is creating the right communication and ensures it reaches the right audience. Planning and developing an advertisement for a product requires to go through the media planning process. The media planning process includes: • Market analysis • Establishing the media objective • Setting the strategy • Implementation • Evaluation and follow-up Market Analysis This step involves identifying the target audience, their characteristics and purchase motives. The target market can be segregated according to age, gender, income, occupation, etc. Market analysis helps the advertiser in focusing its marketing…show more content…
Should the media inform? Should the media re- enforce? Should the media change attitudes? The media objective is aligned with the company’s communication objective. The company must define the reach of the advertisement, frequency, circulation, penetration and cost to establish media objectives. Reach of an advertisement determines how many have been exposed to the communication message. Frequency determines the number of times people have been exposed to the ad. Circulation, related to print media, determines the reach of its publication. Cost can be categorised into two sections: cost per thousand (CPM) and cost per person (CPP). The cost of media is determined to understand which forms of media are most appropriate for the business. Penetration determines to what extent the advertisement reached the audience. The advertiser must be clear over its communication objective, whether he wants to penetrate over the entire market or just a certain section of the market. Setting the…show more content…
Generally broadcast is used to target mass audiences since the cost per person is low. When compared to print media, broadcast vehicle is more effective since the ad includes audio and video. Such advertisements can work well for low involvement products like toothpaste, hair oil because of short ad durations and lack of excessive detail-sharing. Usually, small firms cannot afford to advertise on broadcast vehicles since it is an expensive medium even though cost per person is cheaper. Local businesses can use local TV channels and radio stations for advertising their product. Companies advertise on TV channels such as Star Plus, Sony, Times Now, NDTV etc. and radio stations like Big FM, Red FM, Radio Mirchi

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