Argumentative Essay On Confidentiality

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If I tell you a secret would you keep it to yourself or would you tell someone else? Confidentiality is the act of keeping information you are told secret. This means that the doctors are told information in private, so they need to keep the information confidential. The opposition has two sides: they say that there shouldn't be confidentiality and others say that they shouldn't be able to tell anyone in any situation. It is the legal duty of medical professionals to keep the information they are told confidential, however it is ethical in some situations where the information can be shared if necessary.
Everything in the realm of medicine deals with the topic of confidentiality. The medical definition of confidentiality is, “The right of
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They fail to understand that sometimes sharing information is best, but other times it should be kept confidential. The opposing side states that some people say that in no situation should information ever be shared with anyone else if it was given in confidence. I agree that the information should be kept confidential, but the information should be shared in certain situations. These situations would be if the patient is in danger of harming themselves or someone else around them. Another time when the information should be given out would be when it’s used in a legal case. The only other time that you should be able to disclose information would be when you have gotten consent from the patient that has told you the information. The opposing side of the argument has also said that the information should be able to be given out to anyone that inquires about it. I disagree with this stance because most information given in confidence should be kept confidential. If someone were to willingly share information with anyone that asks there could be consequences that come along with that. Some of these could be a child disclosing something that is happening at home to a medical professional and then the professional tells or confronts the parents or guardians of the child then things could and most likely will get worse for them at home. These are just a few of the points I disagree with in the opposition's
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