Importance Of Medical Experiments

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The need to improve medical advances is very necessary, but whether human should be used in experiments is also a controversial topic among people who have different opinions about medical experiments on human. People who disagree with using medical experiments on human say that scientists should use medical experiments on animals to reduce the deadly risks of operation on human because a human life is much more valuable than an animal’s life. On the other hand, some people agree that doctor have to be able to perform operation human being finally, so they should not abuse innocent animals which have right to live healthily and independently. Also, it is more effective to have medical experiments on human because they will not be able to finalize the result unless they make medical experiments on human. Therefore, people should be used in experiments to make medical advances due to improving medical treatment over complicated new diseases,…show more content…
Not many people would be brave to take a risk to be a volunteer in the experiments. However, people should be allowed to have operation because that is a very effective way that contributes to help scientist to develop new treatments for any diseases. For example, scientist have to do operation on human being at least one time so that they can figure out how the operation helps the patients out or what else need to be done more for their patients. If the scientists only have experiments on animal, they will never find out whether the treatment method that really works for people or not. The fact that human body and animals’ body are different and human body is more complicated than animals’ body. Thus, operation in human is very necessary to make medical advances. Besides that, another advantage of using humans in experiments is saving animals’ live which are used in the
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