Importance Of Medical Social Work

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Social work Social work is a practice based profession and an academic discipline that promotes social change and development, social cohesion, and the empowerment and liberation of people in our society. Principles of social justice, human rights, collective responsibility refers to social work. Methods of Social work: There are three methods of case work; 1. Social case work method 2. Social group method 3. Community development Scope of social work methods: • Scope of social case work method Social case work has scope for the following in our society, 1. For individual welfare Social case work method is use to groom our society and there are different welfare organizations which provide services for individuals self building and confidence and helps them deal with variety of problems i.e. financial or non-financial. 2. Medical social work Medical social work is for the people who are mentally deficient, addicts or those who suffer from Psycho-social disorders. This social work is for all kind of handicap people in our society like,  Socially handicap people People who are socially handicap are involved in juvenile delinquency such people are so much pampered by the society or their family member that they lose their interest in morally tasks and involve themselves in criminal activities which causes harm for them and their family medical social work can help them understand these situations and deal with them carefully with open mind.  Physically
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