Essay: I Want To Pursue A Career In Medicine

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Music has been my passion for a long time; I play violin, piano, guitar, and sing. However, I never really sang until freshman year. It was 9am on a cool day in June and I was sitting alone at home. I reckoned all my eighth grade friends were busy enjoying their time with their families. My mum, a doctor at the local hospital, was on duty that day. My dad, a renowned business man, is out most of the time. On this particular day, he was out on a business convention in New York. Although I ought to be bored and lonely, I was not. I picked up my guitar and started playing and singing along and realized I probably wasn't a very good singer. I was singing along to a Kenny Rogers song and I just couldn’t hit the extreme notes. I thought maybe I should join choir but my freshman year was already packed. A few days later, a gifted and talented administrator asked me about taking an online history class over the summer, and I agreed ecstatically, for I could take choir. Although it was vague to me by then, when I look back on my time in high school and the various experiences I had, the path I took began with this…show more content…
I feel that there still exist psychological, cultural and social therapeutic elements to medicine that have not been exhaustively researched. I intend to pursue the connection of these three elements. I want to go to medical school to achieve growth, maturity and expertise. I need to go to medical school so that in future I can be life changer, to be someone who is capable and of gives back to the community. I want to be an example to others. I know medical school will not automatically transform me into a guru in medicine but I am sure it will help me explore possibilities. It is for this reason that I am applying for this program. Thank you for your time in considering this
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