The Importance Of Celebrating Mediocrity

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Celebrating Mediocrity Humanity never stops going forward and it should never stop doing so, but there are new obstacles on the ground which is blocking our way to future. With every passing year humans settle for less, it is getting acceptable to be failed over and over. Every human being is flawed yes, we can’t be perfect and we can’t win every single conflict in our short lives but it should not stop us from trying to achieve something greater than ourselves. The whole human civilization is hold together by its past victories, discoveries and braveries we are standing on “shoulders of giants”. The thing about being dependent about past is, if you just stand on your ground and do nothing you simply have nothing to win but only to lose. The society and…show more content…
Everything goes on in their subconscious, those little brains of children actually write everything you say and calculate them. So even if you claim you are innocent in this manner, well you are not. You must be careful with your words to not affect our future, sounds very sci-fi yet its true we are the past by every passing second the children are the future of the very humanity, yet we have nerve to corrupt and destroy it. If everyone is “best” then this means no one is truly best also ironically nearly everybody thinks that they are above average, which actually makes them average. By that logic by thinking you are average, you actually beat being a mediocre. Of course the humans want to feel unique this is our nature after all, but claiming you are unique actually makes you not This is called “special snowflake” syndrome all snowflakes are already special, you don’t have to shove it to everyone’s faces that makes you opposite of the

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