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Meditation as Medication in Buddhism Meditation is the act of the individual being able to focus their mind for a certain time period by either chanting for their religion or spiritual reasons as a way of relaxation. Meditation dates back thousands of years, possibly as early as the ancient times. Siddhartha, better known as the Buddha, proclaimed that suffering is nothing more than just an abstract and it can be lessened through self-awareness. Meditation is very renown in Buddhism and it is a common practice still taught today. With meditation, there are many health benefits that may reduce or eliminate any conditions or diseases.
Meditation existed long before the Prince Siddhartha. Before Siddhartha reached nirvana, he set out a journey
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Research shows it is able to train the mind to do things the way you want it to be done. It has also proven that meditation is able to balance the chemicals in the brain that controls the mood swings. They are claiming that it has been able to help reduce the effects of cancer that control the rapid growth at which the cancerous cells are able to multiply and harm the body. (Jack McCoy, Meditation Research). Stress is also very harmful and can lead to many conditions such as high blood pressure and other heart…show more content…
The American Heart Association states, with at least 30 minutes of relaxation or meditation, it could help lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. Since stress is the natural alarm in our bodies, it releases adrenaline accompanied by fast breathing which causes an increase in the heart rate and blood pressure. However, when meditation is being performed, the heart rate begins to lower, and blood circulation begins to improve. A recent study in 2012 showed that African Americans with heart disease that practiced meditation regularly were about 48% less likely to have a stroke or heart attack than an African American that attended an educational health class for more than five years. (AHA, Meditation and Heart

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